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Why choose Black Belt Drumming

“Mike Fix is the best drum teacher in the business! What makes him superior is his well-thought out drum curriculum, designed and tested by Mr. Fix, and his high level of professionalism. Currently he is teaching my 8 and 5 year old sons and has been doing so for well over a year now. By far his teaching methodologies have proven to be the most effective of any music teacher I have worked with over the past 5 years. As a musician and instructor, he is most responsible and respectful. He never watches the clock, but works with each child patiently assuring they are mastering the goals and objectives that are clearly organized and outlined throughout his perfectly designed curriculum. As a Doctor of Education I have examined and taught many curricula throughout my career—this is the best curriculum for teaching music that I have ever witnessed. The “black belt” technique is years of labor and love, and its effectiveness is evident by my boys’ success. They clearly know what is expected of them as they mark off each step they have mastered in their books. They are motivated to work towards reaching the next “belt” or stick level. Most importantly, they look forward to working with Mike on Mondays because he is as personal and kind as he is professional and knowledgeable. He has been a real blessing to my family and I truly hope others, both children and adults, who have a love for percussions experience the best and most creative instructor you will ever meet."

Allison Justo, Mom and Ed.D


“I have had multiple students in the Deer Valley District Honor Jazz and Sierra Verde Band programs that studied with Mike and the Black Belt drumming system, and have been nothing but impressed by their consistent improvement and musicianship. I highly recommend Black Belt Drumming.”

Elliot Speidell, Deer Valley District Honor Jazz Band Director

“Mike's fascinating new methodology can help affect a whole new generation of drummers.”

Rich Redmond, pro drummer for Jason Aldean, Kid Rock, Kelly Clarkson, Ludacris

“Mike Fix is the most inventive instructor I have ever met. His methods are both fun and effective. The Black Belt Drumming Method is brilliant!”

Woodrow Jarrett, Yamaha Drums, S.W. District Manager

“My 4 and 5 1/2 year old sons were instantly drawn in by Mike's genius new teaching method. I wish this had been around when i was a kid!”

Fred Eltringham, pro drummer for Sheryl Crow, Dixie Chicks, Wall Flowers

“Our 11 year old son, Oscar, has been a student of Mike Fix's for 2 years and his skills are off the chart! With no musical background from mom or dad, our son 2 years ago had no music skills. Throughout the last couple of years our son has grown/matured with his musical aptitude due to Mike’s informative, well-planned sessions. I firmly believe that Mike’s greatest asset is that he will not let anything slide or be missed when having to master each level that he teaches. Currently our son is in 5th grade playing in advanced band (made up of all 6th graders) and is the groups #1 drummer.”

Tatum and Brian Voeller